GPS Enabled Weather Radar.

for Windows Mobile 6. Version 2.5

Version 2.5 now available!

*Note: This application utilizes data connection. Unlimited data plan is recommended.
*Note: This application relies on third party webservices that are subject to change without notice.

*Note: Radar and Satellite data is not available in all regions.

- Gets weather radar for current GPS location or using cell towers
(to get location using cell towers uncheck "Use GPS" in Settings)
- Ability to manually enter location
- Click anywhere on the map to move to that location
- Different zoom levels
- Animated radar/satellite loop
- Multiple resolutions (VGA,QVGA,WVGA,WQVGA) Portrait/Landscape/Square

System Requirements:
- Windows Mobile 6 or higher
- .Net CF 3.5
WM Professional

WM Standard
(Non TouchScreen)

* By downloading this software you agree to Terms and Conditions

Version History:
- Option to show/hide GPS details on radar/satellite location update.
- Shows frame postion when in a loop (as -+----, --+---, etc.).
- Other minor improvements and code clean up.
- Autoupdate radar based on set interval (5 - 60 min, Settings -> Misc -> Auto update interval).
   Tap Update -> Auto Update, then
   Update -> Radar - will refresh radar image for current location every n minutes.
   Update -> Location + Radar - will acquire new position and get radar image for it every n minutes.

- Ability to store/open custom urls. (opens in your default browser)
   You can pass application parameters into the urls using custom tags (see Tips & Tricks below)
- Satellite loop is now available for Europe, Africa (15 minute increments) and Asia (30 minute increments).
- Faster update speed.
- Option to show radar/satellite legend.
- Other minor improvements.
- Speed and stability improvements.
- Other minor fixes.
- Added option to cancel radar update.
- Other minor fixes.
- Some minor fixes.
- Added a version for WM Standard (no touchscreen).
- Other minor enhancements.
- Fixed a bug where culture specific decimal formatting prevented GPS fix in Raw interface mode.
- Fixed a bug where in some cases radar image was 1 hour older than what the app showed.
- Webservice enhancements.
- Fixed a bug where culture specific decimal formatting did not allow correct Radar/Satellite image to be downloaded.
- New source of Map/Radar/Satellite data
- Support for more locations * - USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Brasil, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean
   (126W,50N - 66W,24N; 57.4922W,57.4922N - 57.4922E,57.4922S; 57.4923E,59.7901N - 116.7913E,59.7901S)

* Radar Loop is available in USA only.
Just download the cab and run it on the device. Go under programs and click the GPSWeatherRadar icon to run the app.
Tips & Tricks:
- To integrate with Showaco TitaniumWeather 4.2 PlugIn import "GPS WR Tit Wthr Add On.reg" file located in Program Files\GPSWeatherRadar after installation.
Or use this cab provided by climber1872000
- To back up settings make a copy of files lctn.xml and gwr.config located in Program Files\GPSWeatherRadar.

Custom URL tags:
#culture#- Current UI Culture (ex. "en-EN","ru-RU", etc.)
#region#- Region (ex. "NAM", "EUR")
#state#- State or province
#city#- City
#zip#- Postal code
#country#- Country
#animate#- Animate flag (1 or 0)
#lat#- Current Latitude as ##.############0
#lon#- Current Longitude as ###.############0
#geowidth#- Geowidth or Zoom level
#height#- Image height
#width#- Image width
#framecount#- Number of frames in a loop
#interval#- Loop interval
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